Restoring .BIZ/.CC/.COM/.EU/.IN/.INFO/.NET/.ORG/.TV/.US Domain Names

Restoring a .BIZ/.CC/.COM/.EU/.IN/.INFO/.NET/.ORG/.TV/.US domain name is a pretty straight-forward affair. You need to merely click on the Restore Domain Now button in the Order Details view of the Pending Delete Restorable .BIZ/.CC/.COM/.EU/.IN/.INFO/.NET/.ORG/.TV/.US domain name, in the Control Panel.

An Invoice is generated for your Customer that needs to be paid. When this Invoice is paid for, the cost for Restoring this domain name is Locked from your Current Debit Account Balance and a Restore command is sent to the corresponding Registry. Upon receipt of a Success message from the Registry, the Locked funds are utilized towards settling the Invoice for Restoring this domain name. See details

Within 24 hours of the completion of the above said process, the domain name is marked as Active at both the Registry as well as your Control Panel.