Restoring .MOBI Domain Names

After you have followed the process of restoring a domain name through OrderBox, you need to manually submit a Restore Report to the Registry, to complete the Restoration process. See details

You will receive from [email protected] a detailed email about the Restore Report to be submitted.

  • This email will be sent to the Notification Email Address submitted by you to your LogicBoxes Account Manager.

  • You may contact your LogicBoxes Account Manager, in case you do not recollect what this email address is or you wish to have it modified.

It is important that you submit the Restore Report at the Registry within 5 days of receiving it. During this period, the domain name status in the Whois lookup would show Pending Restore. If the Restore Report is not submitted while the domain name is in this status, you would forfeit the fees you paid the Registry for Restoration, and the status of the domain name would revert to Pending Delete Restorable for 30 days.

To complete the Restoration for .MOBI domain names, follow the below mentioned process.

Restoring a .MOBI domain name at the Registry

  1. Login into the Registrar Admin Tool from

  2. In the Menu, point to the DOMAINS tab and then, click the Manage Domains link.

  3. Enter the domain name to be restored and click the SUBMIT button. This will bring up the General Information view for the domain name.

  4. In the Actions dropdown menu, select the Restore option.

  5. A confirmation page will be displayed. Click the CONFIRM button to proceed.

  6. A confirmation message will be displayed indicating that the restoration request has been submitted successfully.

  7. In the main Menu, point to the TOOLS tab and then, click the RGP Report link.

  8. Enter the domain name to be restored and click the SUBMIT button.

    If the domain name is not in the Pending Restore status, you will receive a message informing you of this fact and you cannot go further. If the domain name is in the Pending Restore status, the RGP Report submission page will be displayed.

  9. Submit the Restore Report referring to the email received from [email protected], along with the below details -


      • Registrar Error - if Action History shows System Deletion

      • Registrant Error - if Action History shows only Deletion

    • COMPANY NAME: Your Registrar Name

    • COMPANY ID: Your Registrar ID

    • NAME: Name of the Registry Admin Contact

    • TITLE: Designation of the Registry Admin Contact

  10. OrderBox would automatically check if the domain name is set Active at the Registry, and set this domain name as Active in the Control Panel and submit the Name Servers displayed in the Control Panel to the Registry.

    If this domain name was restored after its Expiry, then the Registry typically takes 24 hours after submission of the Restore Report to update the domain name's Expiry Date to include the 1 year Renewal.