.PAGE Domain Name Rules/Requirements

Common Domain Name Rules (Anchor: common)

  • .PAGE is an encrypted-by-default namespace. For your .PAGE domain to load on most browsers, you will need to configure HTTPS on it by installing an SSL certificate.  You can purchase an SSL certificate with LogicBoxes by following the steps mentioned here. 
  • Domain Theft Protection feature is supported for .PAGE  domain names.
Additional Information

Protecting a Domain Name

  • For Resellers: Both Lock and Suspension features are supported for .PAGE domain names.
  • Both Bulk Lock / Unlock and Bulk Suspend / Unsuspend features are also supported for .PAGE domain names.
  • Move (push) feature is supported for .PAGE domain names.
  • If for any reason you need to Delete your domain name, contact our Support Team at http://support.logicboxes.com/helpdesk/.