Processing Transfers where Admin Contact Email Address cannot be retrieved

Once a transfer request is placed, the Administrative Contact email address for the domain name is automatically retrieved by the system, by querying:

  • Port 43 of the Current/Sponsoring Registrar's Whois server for .COM, .NET and .WS domain names

  • Port 43 of the concerned TLD Registry's Whois server for other TLDs.

In some cases, our Whois parser may not be able to query the Sponsoring Registrar's Whois server:

  • The Sponsoring Registrar may allow the Whois display of .COM, .NET and .WS domain names to be customized by their customers. This could confuse our system's Whois parser as the Administrative Contact email address may not be listed under a recognizable heading.

  • The Sponsoring Registrar's Whois server may be unresponsive or not serving queries at the moment.


In such cases, the status of the domain name in the Order Details view of the Control Panel displays Trying to fetch Admin Contact Email Address See details.

Our system automatically attempts to fetch the contact details of the domain name from the Whois server of the Current/Sponsoring Registrar every hour for upto 24 hours, after the Transfer has been initiated. However, you may wish to hasten the transfer by manually retrieving the Whois details and submitting them in the system.


If the Admin Contact E-mail Address is not retrieved within 15 days, the Transfer request would be cancelled.

In the interest of your Customer's experience with your company, it is recommended that your Client Support Team, follow the below mentioned process before the end of the day, to process all stuck transfers.

To Process Domain Name Transfers where the Admin Contact Email Address cannot be retrieved

  1. Login to your Control Panel. See details

  2. In the Menu, point to Products -> Domain Registration -> Pending Transfers and click Enter Admin E-mail.

  3. Perform a Whois lookup of the domain name(s) listed in this interface, from either:

    • your SuperSite URL, or

      Additional Information

      What is SuperSite?

    • from within your Registrar/Reseller Control Panel, from Products -> Domain Registration -> Whois Lookup, or

    • a reliable third party Whois provider that does not cache (previously queried) Whois results like


    In times when the Current Registrar's Whois server does not respond or gives a partial response, visit the website of the Current Registrar and perform a Whois lookup.

  4. From the Whois lookup results, fill the following fields:

    • Admin Email Address: Fill the Administrative Contact's email address here.

    • Registrar: Mention the complete name of the Current Registrar as displayed in the Whois lookup results.

    • Whois Dump: Mention the entire Whois lookup results information in this field along with any legal disclaimer.

  5. Select the checkbox besides the Order Id that you processed in the above step and click the Send Transfer Mail button.


    You may choose to individually process all such stuck Transfers or fill the relevant fields for each and process them all together by selecting the checkbox on the top of the table.

    If several days have passed and you are still not able to retrieve the Whois lookup results of a particular domain name, then you should instead click the Cancel Transfer and Notify Customer button. This would cancel the Transfer, send an email from the system to both the Customer and his any immediate Sub-Reseller that we are at the moment not able to query the Current Registrar's Whois server. The Customer is advised to make the domain name's Whois visible at his Current Registrar's end and place the domain name Transfer request then.