Retrieving Transfer Authorization Details for domain names

As per ICANN's guidelines See details, every Registrar is required to maintain complete details of Transfer Authorization for every domain name being Transferred In.

The system maintains detailed records of authorization information of each successful Transfer In, under your account. This information would be particularly necessary in case of Transfer disputes, where the Losing Registrar would require these details to confirm that as the Gaining Registrar you received the domain name Owner's express authorisation to transfer his domain name.

To obtain the Details of any domain name that has been Transferred to your Registrar

  1. Login to your Control Panel. See details

  2. In the Menu, point to Products -> Domain Registration and click Transferred Domain Details.

  3. Specify the domain name in the textbox besides Domain Name and click Submit.

  4. Information about the Transferred In domain name would be displayed under the following heads:

    • Whois Details:

      • Registrar: This is the name of the Losing Registrar for the domain name, from whom the domain name was Transferred to you.

      • Whois Dump: This is the complete Whois details as retrieved from the Losing Registrar's Whois server.

      • Automatic:

        • T: True indicates that our Whois server automatically parsed the Whois details (mentioned above) by querying the Whois server of the Losing Registrar.

        • F: False indicates that our Whois server did not automatically obtain the Whois details (mentioned above) by querying the Whois server of the Losing Registrar, but instead these details were manually fed in the system by your Support Team.

    • FOA Details:

      • Participant E-mail Id: This is the email address of the Administrative Contact listed in the domain name at the time the Whois details were parsed from the Losing Registrar's Whois server.

      • HTTP Headers: This represents the information retrieved from the Administrative Contact's web browser. Of special importance are:

        • Referer: This represents the hyperlink that the Administrative Contact clicked to approve the Transfer request.

        • Client IP Address: This is the IP Address of the Administrative Contact when the Transfer was approved.

        • The HTTP Headers field will display Transfer processed via Fax if the domain name Owner approves the Transfer by sending a Transfer Fax Form to you, instead of using the authorization link contained in the e-mail.

        • Transfers approved via the Transfer Fax Form prior to 27th March 2008, will display RFA confirmed by Fax approval in the HTTP Headers field.

        • If the Losing Registrar requests the FOA Details related to a Transfer approved by a Transfer FAX Form, you should inform the Losing Registrar that the Transfer was approved after receiving an offline authorization in the form of a fax from the domain name Owner.

      • Time (GMT/UTC): This is the timestamp in GMT/UTC when the Administrative Contact approved the Transfer to your Registrar.